Shining Stars: Royal Asscher’s Stars of Africa

Royal Asscher's Stars of Africa pendant


When Canadian jewelry designer Reena Ahluwalia envisioned new pieces for Royal Asscher’s Stars of Africa collection, her goal was to create diamond jewelry with “universal” appeal. “To represent this core idea visually, the pieces consist of diamond-filled globes that are encircled by orbit-like elements,” she explains. “The full-globes spin to symbolize the earth’s rotation, while the free-floating diamonds inside represent the shining spirit of people.” The orbits, she adds, signify education, health-care and empowerment—fundamental goals of the Star of Africa initiative, which was established by Royal Asscher in 2008 to raise funds for African healthcare, education, and self-sufficiency programs. Royal Asscher donates $150 from every sale the charitable fund. The project is named for the largest diamond ever found—the 3,105-carat Star of Africa, which the Asscher family cut in 1908.

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