A Safe Bet: Doettling’s Retro Colosimo


Colosimo with watch winder


Colosimo radial locking system

Doettling’s new Colosimo may be the world’s smallest high-security safe, as its German manufacturer claims, but from a design point of view, it’s anything but diminutive, despite dimensions of about 11 inches for height, width, and depth. Doettling spent three years developing its first decorative tabletop safe, which led the company to coin the term “haute safeology.” Named for gangster “Big Jim” Colosimo, who ruled the Windy City’s gangland before Al Capone took over, Colosimo’s bold stature is a nod to the hefty American bank vaults of the Prohibition era, which were built with thick, round steel doors and radially arranged locking bolts. The safe’s intricate and smooth locking mechanism, which features 16 radially arranged bolts and 32 gilded gearwheels, is also reminiscent of a mechanical watch movement, so Doettling offers it equipped with a watch winder (or a humidor if you prefer).

The Colosimo range